frequently asked questions about web design & seo services


Can my site be made mobile accessible for viewing on a phone or iPad?

Yes. And we can code your site to be a "one size fits all" website, accommodating site visitors with screen size resolutions as small as 320px up to 1600px by applying "Responsive" Web Design techniques. In addition, we can create mobile specific sites for any niche or business need. As web design clients, you have several options available for targeting the fast growing mobile web market.


How can our website's videos appear in search engine results for related keywords?

We offer on-page seo, as well as advanced and server side services for enhanced search engine ranking and visibility. Our specialty is organic seo and deadbeat website repair, driven at removing a site's obstacles and bottlenecks for improved positioning. Seo can be applied to static websites, blogs, vlogs (video blogs), videos, audio files, articles, podcasts, slides, image galleries, and more.


Can we use DreamWeaver or Word to modify our hand coded website?

Q & A: Ask the ExpertsMost professional web developers recommend AGAINST using DreamWeaver or Microsoft applications to build or edit your website, for several reasons. One reason for discouraging use of DreamWeaver, is that WYSIWYG ("what you see is what you get") typically results in "WYSINWYG" ("what you see is NEVER what you get").

Both Microsoft and Macromedia applications such as DreamWeaver are known to create "extensions", or unnecessary markup code, which in turn causes rendering unpredictability.

*Note: FrontPage built websites require special FrontPage compatible hosting.


How do I ensure I'm the legal registrant of my domain name?

Perform a "whois" search. As long as the domain registration is not "privacy protected", a "whois" search, a query run on a domain name and/or corresponding IP address will produce the current registrant's name, initial domain record creation and expiration dates, as well as the billing, administrative, and technical contacts for the domain.


Is it legal for someone to register my domain with a .mobi TLD?

Domain name trademark infringements and/or rightful ownership technicalities are overseen by World Intellectual Property Organization.


How should I handle trademark infringement on my brand?

File a dispute with the World Intellectual Property Organization. If a dispute has been officially filed against a specific domain name, the domain will be locked, or frozen, by the registrar once notified by WIPO, during which time the name may not be transferred nor revised. The domain name status will be updated according to the ensuing court ruling.


What if I need to make changes to my website after it is launched?

We ascribe a formal design process which includes Quality Assurance Checklists to be completed by Client and Web Developer. This provides a method of cross-checking for revisions/corrections necessary prior to launch. For post-launch changes, we offer website maintenance services with hourly pricing options. Website Maintenance services are intended for updates and revisions vs. Web Development, which is geared toward website growth, improvement, augmentation, marketing, optimization, addition of new pages, etcetera.


When should my website be optimized for search engine performance?

As soon as possible. If we design your website, we will code it by hand and optimize it for your most general, or obvious, keyword phrases. All of our custom design work is especially search engine friendly. We can also assist with optimizing existing websites.


What differentiates one web design company from another?

A good web design company will approach your web project holistically to create a positive site visitor experience combined with a search engine friendly structure and code.


What applications do you use to design websites?

None! we don't slice or dice your website with photoshop, dreamweaver, front page, or any other web design application. we purely code by hand, which streamlines and eliminates the extensions (trash) that the above applications dump in a website's code, creating bloat. Properly designed sites are lean, and separate content from style.

Hand coding enables utmost control over the page and produces lean, clean markup. No bloat facilitates efficient, quick crawls and indexing by the search engine bots, which scores positive seo points! Conversely, difficult to crawl websites are not only penalized for poor SEO, they are sometimes abandoned midway by bots, as Google and Yahoo set a time limit, measured in seconds, that their bots can spend on any one page as they crawl the web from link to link.


Will my website look the same in any browser?

We create browser compatible and device interoperable websites. We test for current versions of Internet Explorer™, Mozilla FireFox™, Chrome™, and Safari™.


What will be the screen size of my new website?

Unless otherwise designated, we'll apply Responsive Web Design techniques. By implementing methods such as CSS Media Queries, Browser Detection scripts, and percentage based dimensions, your site will conform to screens small enough for mobile phones, all the way to TV sized monitors of 1600px.


How can I make website interactive for my site visitors?

Just ask! Website features such as blogs with moderated commentary, syndicated news feeds and rss (really simple syndication), event calendars, optin email lists, image galleries, online polls for voting, video, audio, podcasts, password protected content areas, and of course eCommerce, to name just a few, can be integrated upon request.


How can my website be useful to my current customer base?

For one, your website is available to your customers 24 hours per day, 365 days per year, as a convenience to your regular clientele, while conserving resources and costs.

Your website can be a great workhorse by offering clients a method to change their information (such as address and preferences), sign up for newsletters, request maintenance and service calls, identify brick and mortar locations and / or stores in their local neighborhood, view advertised promotions and sales, inquire about jobs and services, join discussion groups, chat online with a service or sales representative, boost the "likes" on your Facebook page, grow your base of Twitter followers, and more!


Should we include an "about us" page on our website?

Absolutely! Perhaps a four-tiered "about us" format? First, a scannable, readable, and concise tagline for your company or organization. Second, a one to two paragraph summary about the purpose, expertise, and goals of your organization. Third, a fact sheet type section, and fourth, executive and personnel biographies and portraits.


Should our website include a sitemap?

Yes. Especially if your website consists of ten pages or more. Not only does the sitemap quickly allow site visitors to efficiently assess what topics and features your site covers, but a sitemap also allows search engine robots a specific page that links to all pages and sections of the website, concentrated in one area for a really thorough indexing of your content. Complete indexing results in better search engine exposure and SERP inclusion.


Should I host my site with my domain registrar?

No. If the hosting goes down, and your domain name is linked to it, then your email addresses such as will likely not function, either. Your domain name should be independently registered with an ICANN accredited registrar.


How can I ensure competitors aren't copying my content? is one of several resources to help ensure against plagiarism. Duplicitous content will cause negative SEO effects.