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1: san diego rating aggregation and optimization servicesWord of Mouse, or online recommendation and reputation management via social media, can be leveraged and micro-targeted to promote public approval and gain significant tactical advantages against competitors.

Word of Mouse public relations services are a niche form of reputation management also referred to as SERM, Search Engine Reputation Management. or SEIP, Search Engine Identity Management.

The main objective of employing search engine reputation management services is to protect and enhance a company's brand and public image online.

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2: san diego reputation management servicesReputation Management on the internet consists of enhancing an organization's or professional's public image and establishing that business as an authoritative and credible voice in their specific niche market.

When Reputation Management includes damage impact control, the strategy typically includes deluging, or preferably eradicate, any derogatory comments or reviews that result from a proprietary search engine query, or from "googling" your business.

San Diego Web Studio offers online public image consulting services as an option to our clients interested in reputation management and social media monitoring.

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3: san diego rating sitesA trend that quickly emerged and often becomes a controversial form of social web media debate are consumer review and ratings sites.

Some websites, like ePinions.com, which was recently purchased by Shopping.com, focus mostly on merchandise, products, and national brands.

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4: online reviewsOther review and rating sites focus narrowly on niche markets or industries, such as lawyerratingz.com, a review, voting and commentary site that rates attorneys and categorizes them regionally and alphabetically.

yelp and other online review forumsFrom the same publisher as lawyerratingz.com also maintains a website focused on the rental property industry titled apartmentratingz.com, where site visitors can rate their apartment rental experience from 1 to 5 and leave commentary depicting their overall opinion or experience with the property and its managements staff. The Ratingz network has also launched websites that rate mechanics, restaurants, radio stations, clubs, childcare service providers, drugs, accountants, and camping related businesses. Ratingz also maintains web properties that rate salons, real estate agents, ski vendors, television shows, and veterinary professionals.

A broad and categorical review site organized by neighborhood and industry is Yelp.

Another popular yet purportedly dubious consumer rating site is the "rip off report", on which a listing or entry can be detrimental to a company's reputation.

The list of review sites is becoming seemingly endless, with "rate my professors" and "professor performance" existing as just two examples of the many sites geared toward students to review their educational experiences.

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5: san diego blog reviewsNot only are many bloggers very outspoken and candid about their opinions and experiences, both online and with brick and mortar companies, but some bloggers actually charge a fee for a favorable business review posting. PPP, or Pay per Post, has been a topic full of controversy and search engine spamming accusations.

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