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Directories differ from search engines in that they are usually edited, updated, and managed by humans vs. search engines which are entirely controlled by robots and algorithms.

San Diego Web Design Studio recommends being very conservative when agreeing to a reciprocal link exchange with a fact we don't reciprocate links unless the directory is focused exclusively on the industry and topic we are promoting and listing.

niche & local listings

Directory submissions that are worth pursuing include "Best of the Web", Yahoo! Directory, DMOZ, as well as niche listings and local directories, when a business has a regional specific market.

We do not utilize nor endorse the use of automatic submission software or machinated directory listing requests.


inclusion & submission features:

Quality directory and search engine inclusions require:

  • choosing the most appropriate category for listing
  • writing an effective title for website listing
  • composing effectual website descriptions
  • author factual ad copy that is free of sales hype

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viral indexing

Once a site becomes indexed in Google or Yahoo! Search, it is typically crawled and acknowledged by the other major search engines as well. The best method for getting crawled and indexed by Google is to allow Google to find the site by following links pointing to your website from other sites.

high ranking potential

Search engines have the capacity to make or break a business, and therefore top placement on engines is extremely competitive. Achieving a top ranking on a major commercial search engine can eliminate a company's need to ever cold call for prospective clients again. With favorable search engine strategies, your business doesn't need to look for prospective customers, because the qualified customers are looking specifically for your services and products.

The graph below demonstrates which search engines carry the largest percentage of internet queries:

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