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number one: mobile website design servicesMOBILE WEB SERVICES:

On this page of our Mobile Web Section we cover Mobile & Handheld Website Design Services. Mobile web users comprise a unique, yet technologically savvy and affluent demographic group. They are usually pressed for time and very task oriented, pursuing one or two single objectives and/or transactions per session. This page delves into analytics and mobile marketing services, as well as design for phones, tablets, and small devices.

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number two: mobile application developmentMOBILE APPLICATION DESIGN SERVICES

Mobile Application Development differs from Mobile Website Design in several aspects. Primarily, a mobile website is defined as a website built exclusively for viewing on a small-screen, handheld device such as a web enabled phone or tablet. Whereas the purposes of a mobile website may be merely to provide information, as in a "brochure' website. Conversely, a Mobile Application is designed to provide functional features, interactivity, utilities, or tools. A mobile application is downloaded to the memory of the handheld device, and once installed, is typically operational even if the device is not wi-fi connected.

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number 3: complete financial transaction facilitation via mobile phoneMOBILE PAYMENT TRANSACTIONS

The term mCommerce has quickly become the Mobile Store version of eCommerce online shopping carts and payment enabled websites. Perhaps the fastest growing segment of the Mobile Web Services trend, mCommerce Web Services are quickly becoming widespread and competitive. One mCommerce provider in particular,, provides mobile web users with a small handset attachment for swiping any type of credit card, including American Express, and debiting the card for real time transfer of funds to the Mobile payee. The nominal service fee is more attractive than traditional merchant account costs, which usually charge a monthly minimum service fee even if no transactions are facilitated during that billing cycle.

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number 4: mobile website best practicesW3C BEST PRACTICES:

Mobile Website Design and Mobile Application Development consists of limitations and special considerations due to size, speed, and processing power inherent in handheld devices. Not to mention many mobile web users are subscribed to data plans with download limits and overage penalties. Mobile end users also tend to have very specific and task oriented goals in conjunction with web browsing via phone, tablet, or netbook. San Diego Web Studio's Mobile Best Practices page offers a streamlined version and custom adaptation of the W3c's typically verbose and minute breakdown.

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number 5: all device interoperability and compatibilityRESPONSIVE WEB DESIGN

This page of our Mobile Web Section is focused on device, manufacturer, mobile browser, and carrier compatibility. Although some applications clearly target iPad and iPhone users, and specifically interface with Apple handheld devices, such as the camera utility that interfaces the iPhone's camera with the iPad, other Mobile Websites and Applications are diverse enough to appeal and suit a wider target market that is Handheld Device Interoperable and compatible.

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number 6: google mobile servicesMOBILE SEARCH & PPC

This page of our Mobile Web Services section is focused on Google Mobile Search and Services specifically tailored for mobile phone users. A work in progress, we will soon add a section on Yahoo Mobile, as well as other relevant and specialized resources for handheld web marketing.

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Mobile Design Portfolio

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number 7: san diego web studio mobile website design and application portfolioTABLET SITES & APPLICATIONS

Our Moble Design Portfolio is grouped within San Diego Web Studio's Design Portfolio section. Recent Mobile Website demonstrations include work recently completed for JVC, as well as Law Firm and other clientele whose targeted market suitability makes them excellent candidates for Mobile Search.San Diego Mobile Design Portfolio

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