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off page seo elements:

off page website optimization


The quality, weight, ranking, age, and relevancy of the websites and resources pointing to your site in large part determines how your website will rank in the search engines, and is referred to as offpage SEO.

The following list itemizes only a portion of the factors that contribute to favorable search engine ranking.

  • anchor text of a link; the descriptive words, often underlined
  • volume of external links pointing into a website
  • rank or popularity of site sending link
  • links from unique servers, C-Block or IP addresses
  • domain TLD; links from .edu & .gov websites can be superior
  • words directly surrounding the link, or next to the anchor text
  • whether linking is reciprocal or one way; incoming only
  • links that use the "no follow" do not influence ranking
  • semantic relationship of webpage linking to site
  • age and history of the site linking to webpage
  • google page rank of site offering the link
  • length of incoming link's existence
  • rate in which a website acquires links
  • location, or placement, of link on referring site's webpage

In addition to acquiring relevant, established, and quality backlinks pointing at your website, those incoming links need to contain the appropriate keywords in the anchor text. This is a scientific and experientially intuitive formula, that if incorrectly applied, can do more damage than optimize by sparking up a spam flag.

Organic ranking is best achieved and maintained by implementation of a solid website plan and a commitment to hard work, time, and tenacity. In addition, effective web marketing & seo require financial investment.

The amount of money, time, resources, and dedication any web based project will require depends on the keyword market's saturation level and competitive landscape. Top ranking organic positions are lucrative and rewarding.

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off page search optimization:

external seo factors

3. usage factors

Usage factors are extremely influential factors in google's algorithmic formulas, and here is why:

The product of a search engine is their "serps", [ search engine results page(s)]. A serp is the typically 10 listing page that renders after an end user types their query into the search field box and clicks 'search". The click resolves in a page termed "serp" as an acronym.

What is listed on that 10 listing search page is the search engine's "finished product". That's what we, as site visitors, gain from picking one search engine over another. We select our favorite search engines by our perception of the quality of their results [serps].

search engine results purity

Most people would concur to abandon even Google after several attempts to search ended in futile, spammy, annoying results...or too many clicks. This hyper-competitive search engine landscape contributes to the importance of the PURITY of the se's search results.

site visitors vote via interaction

To Google, a longer than average time viewing a listing from their search results page is a vote for that website and / or page, in relation to the keywords the end user typed in to find the site in the first place. If that site visitor is compelled to bookmark / favorite the site, that much stronger the vote.

Conversely, if the end user chooses and clicks on a listing from the serps, and immediately clicks off via the back button or closure of the window/tab, that's a negative vote. One negative vote has no impact on ranking, and this is where the algorithms become complex.

For anyone with insomnia, we recommend reading half a page of the Google Patent, a prerequisite to G going public several years ago. At the time, Google employed only 47 phd's. If there are any Phd's in 2011 who haven't already digested the Patent, they are sure to be the only persons remaining who can decipher their ranking formula, called "algorithm". And as Google changes the algorithm periodically to improve purity of their SERPS and prevent seo's with OCD from successfully solving the mystery, the best formula for ranking is the straightforward approach to hard work, attention to detail, and sound business marketing techniques. High tech or low tech, quality matters.

site visitor usage factors:

A few examples of site visitor usage factors include:

  • how many times your website is bookmarked
  • your website's stickiness, or visitor time spent on site
  • number of page views per site visitor
  • number of web clippings globally
  • number of direct entries to site via typing domain in browser
  • number of people searching for exact domain name in queries

applying offpage optimization

The external, or offpage optimization factors itemized above represent a mere sampling of the hundreds, or even thousands of aspects that contribute to a search engine's algorithm and ranking of a website.

Whether you have a current website in need of better placement, or are in the process of creating a new web presence, we can consult with you and help you make the best choices in search engine optimization.

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