alt tag | alternate text:

alternative image description contained in an alt="" tag within the image tags; alternative descriptive text of image displays on mouse over; originally implemented as an accessibility aid to handicapped persons and end users aided by an adaptive device or reader

above the fold:

the top half of a web page that is visible without scrolling down; the term "above the fold" originated in newspaper advertising referring to the top half of the folded newspaper reserved for attention grabbing headlines and stories



an internet viewing application, or window, that connects to the web and renders web pages when website addresses are typed in the browser address bar, selected from a bookmark or favorites list, or activated by clicking on a hyperlink; the most popular browsers currently in use are internet explorer by MS windows, firefox by mozilla, and safari by macIntosh.



descriptive text or title augmenting an image, movie, audio file, or illustrative media; similar to captioned text depicted at the bottom of screen in silent movies


the brightness, or illuminosity, between colors of a photographic or image; often used to refer to the readability contrast between a web page background color and font color; web pages are ideally styled with a white background and dark or black font

cornea gumbo:

an overly busy, gaudy, cluttered, or overdone website; a website that has either forlorn simplicity and style, contains too many clashing or non-complementary graphics, is over animated, or sloppy; as in "they threw in everything but the kitchen sink and turned the site into cornea gumbo"



a domain is an internet ip address translated into letters or words; a domain acts much like a phone number in that it is a unique address assigned individually to one internet property, usually a web site; top level domains are the suffixes that follow the name, such as .com, .net, .org, etc


an internet acronym for "don't quit your day job":)



the selling of products and services over the internet where the entire transaction is facilitated online from beginning to end, including secure online credit card authorization, payment processing, and order confirmation; please see san diego web design studio's eCommerce section for more info


an online retail business that is not associated with a brick and mortar operation; a retailer who uses ecommerce exclusively to sell products and merchandise to consumers; a "b2c" online merchandising entity


secure decoding of electronic messages and sensitive data transmitted online such as financial information, personal identity, etcetera; encryption assigns key pairs to content and disallows message/data viewing unless the recipient is equipped with the proper key pair to unlock and access the data



a proprietary multimedia technology manufactured by Macromedia often used to build websites or webpage elements; flash websites render much like a movie and video are designed using a series of frames, or still graphics, timed together in a series to create animation; flash websites have a history and reputation for being slow loading and not search engine friendly, as they lack text and cannot be indexed by search engine robots and crawlers; flash websites are popular among designers and fashion apparel websites who place more emphasis on presentation than usability and performance



a forum and seo shorthand term for "google", often capitalized, as in "G just updated page rank"


one of the first online jargon terms to take hold, grrl was proliferated by the women's technology support group webgrrls.com in 2000 and has become so widespread in use it simply refers to a web-savvy female who spends a significant amount of her online:)...for a little more info about eJuliet, please see our san diego, california web designer page

graphic design:

the art and science of combining typography, illustration, color, shapes, layout, and architecture to produce visual presentation; graphic design refers to both the process of creating materials and the creative products and services themselves, as in "we have several graphic design brochures"; web design often encompasses graphic design, but takes the skill and process much further by incorporating xhtml and css markup, as well as other integrating aspects such as end user environment compatibility, etcetera


handheld device:

a personal electronic device that fits in one's hand, such as a mobile phone, palmtop, pager, blackberry™, iphone™ handheld devices, formerly referred to as "pda's", GPS device, media player, calculator, or digital organizer; handheld electronic devices are converging with cellphones and increasingly expanding functionality by providing web access, text and graphic messaging, video capture and sharing, upload and download integration, interactivity, email, gps, mass storage space, television access, webinar and movie viewing, audio and music features, recording and voice activation, database functionality, and more.

hdml | handheld device markup language:

hdml is to handheld devices such as cellphones, pda's, pagers, and blackberrys™ what html is to websites; hdml is the markup language for mobile devices that is focussed more on navigation of web originated content than the presentation and style effected online; our california web services firm provides mobile, tablet, and handheld media design for new and existing web based presentations



a nontraditional free-thinking idea person; a brainstormer or eccentric who thinks "out of the box"; an innovator who creates fresh and diverse new concepts and methods; a intellect who poses questions such as "why?", "why not?", "how?" to customary systems and icons; iconoclastic internet marketing consultants and creatives are more apt to be revered and compensated accordingly for their individualistic and cutting edge contributions


a website or web application that allows end user input and participation and provides two way communication between the server where the website is hosted and the information being typed in or selected from the end user's peripherals (keyboard, mouse, or other device); examples of website interactivity are electronic form submission, site search, web 2.0 and wikis that are community edited, ecommerce shopping carts, chat features, online quote provisions, and more.



an open source scripting language that can be combined with css and html to create animation, special effects, document transitions, interactivity, and dynamic elements; independent of Java programming language, it shares similarities and attributes with the more full featured language



an essential and specific word or word phrase that a targeted end user will type into a search engine and query; keywords related to your products, services, and industry are crucial to include in your content and optimize for better search engine ranking and exposure


long tail:

a term often used in with keywords and search engine optimization in the form "long tail keyword phrase" to denote a more narrow, targeted search engine query term, for example, the long tail of "real estate" could be considered "foreclosure real estate san diego california" - the term originates from the marketing forecasts and plotting of best selling books and specialized products that trail off from the main concept without dead ending



a mobile phone or handheld device version of a television, film, movie, or video episode; variations of downloadable mobisodes include webinars, podcasts, itutorials, music videos, and more


a hybrid shortened term to denote "mobile blog"; moblog refers to creating and editing blog posts using a mobile phone, camera phone, pda, or other handheld device; upload of moblogs to the web from mobile devices enables broadcasting of events and video in real time


netary public:

a spin on the traditional term "notary public", a "netary public" is obviously webcentric and serves to assist with copyrighting and owner registration of internet related documents and property by performing online forensics that certify the origin, or first appearance time and ip address for digital content; not recommended as an equivalent substitute for traditional copyrighting methods, netary publics can be useful in certain circumstances and typically maintain registration certification for five year increments


outbound link:

an outgoing external hyperlink from one website to another; when adding outbound links to your website, keep in mind you will potentially lose your site visitor at the point of click, so it is recommended that outbound links be placed conservatively to improve site stickiness and achieve desired end user action objectives, among other reasons



to abruptly stop, quit, or malfunction unexpectedly; as in "we only saw half of the tutorial video before it perot'd to withdraw or pull out of an agreement; as in "he needs new funding because the investors perot'd"; originates from Ross Perot's sudden presidential campaign resignation



an inquiry, or search, entered into a search engine, database, or information retrieval system; google responds to a query by rendering serps, an acronym for "search engine results pages"


rc | reality check:

a step back from an enveloping project or creative venture to take an objective view and gauge the practicality, usability, and potential demand for the finished product; ideas evolving from uninhibited brainstorming sessions require an "rc" to weed out the less realistic concepts and narrow possibilities down to plausible solutions

richard petty syndrome:

refers to the overcommercialization and advertising exploitation of websites; the practice of cluttering a webpage with an infestation of paid sponsor banners, ads, sales pitches, buttons, adsense, or affiliate offers; as in "that site has a bad case of richard petty syndrome, I couldn't even find the article in question"; originating from the logo covered jumpsuits of professional race car drivers and named after heavily corporate-sponsored richard petty

roi | return on investment:

a method or amount measured from investment profits, money earned after deduction of costs and expenses; return should be defined as both tangible and intangible benefits derived from investing such as time saved, minimized effort, decreased resource allotment, fewer personnel hours, simplified business processes, etcetera; ROI can be calculated by assigning a hard monetary value to tangible and intangible benefits gained from the investment project, then subtracting the total money expended to arrive at the "returned" amount


second level domain:

the portion of a domain name that is uniquely and registered for exclusive use; in the domain name www.sandiego.com, www is the third level domain, sandiego is the second level domain, and .com is the first level domain, also referred to as the top level domain.



netizen term for print media, brochures, manuals, newspapers, books, and other paper made information products


the practice of registering misspelled variations of very popular and high traffic websites to cash in on site visitor spill over, as in appel.com to receive traffic from a spelling transposition of apple.com



an internet address or domain name file path, such as sandiegowebdesigner.org/websites.html; the path to a website or file that shows in the browser address bar when visiting a website



a convergence of a blog and video; a blog journal that is produced in part or entirely in video format; also referred to as vidcasts, vidblogs, vcasts, videocasts, movieblogs, v-log, and vlog


web 2.0:

pronounced "web two oh" rather than "web two point zero", commonly referred to as "collaborative web" or "2nd generation web", web 2.0 is a widely used term that is neither a protocol, a web standard, nor a technology; web 2.0 is applicable to web services, applications, web sites, and and social web media that is interactive, user driven, dynamic and collaborative; wikipedia is an excellent example of web 2.0 architecture and community driven interactive collaboration



a customizable web based mark up language developed by the w3c that allows internet programmers to create and assign their own tags, creating an unlimited array of options and development opportunities by converging the functionality of html and producing the hybrid internet language XHTML, a cross between xml and html


yuppie food coupon:

tech culture slang for a twenty dollar bill



an electronic, or web based magazine or newsletter; a website that publishes content, current events, news, and demographically oriented articles; also termed ezine