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Over the past few years, Google has begun integrating video files into their search engine query results. In consideration that search engine queries are based on text and descriptive words, "metadata" is said to be the future of video and audio optimization online.

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Many video file types (.rm, .avi, .wmv, .mpg, .mov) support appending metadata directly to the file.

Adding metadata to a video file has a favorable search engine indexing and ranking effect only when the video is hosted, or accessed from, your own website or server.

Once a video is uploaded to a video hosting service such as YouTube, the movie file will be altered by the hosting site's software. In some cases embedded metadata will be lost in the process.

As with traditional websites, developing incoming backlinks, exposure, and promoting the popularity of your video and audio files impactfully affects how your movies will be indexed and ranked in the search engines.

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YouTube offers site visitors four ways to search for videos on their website; rating by other members and viewers, number of view times, or counts, date video added to hosting site, and relevance for video search query.

To rank favorably on YouTube for specific keyword phrases, publishers of shared video have the option of optimizing the video title tag, trying to get the most votes, attempting to get the most views, optimizing their description of the video, optimizing for file size (long videos do best when broken up into smaller video segments as part of a series), and encoding.

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The number of external links and their weight, quality, and themed relevance to your video have a significant impact on how your video will rank both in the search engines and on your video sharing host.

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