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Social Bookmarking, or tagging, is a method growing in popularity that allows web users the ability to store, organize, and label information that they see as noteworthy, or tagging worthwhile, online.

The purpose of Social Bookmarking is to enable web users to save and annotate (or tag) links to published websites, pages, documents, pdf files, pictures, videos, audio files, or whatever other web content they deem interesting or useful.

San Diego Web Design & Optimization Studio offers clients the option of integrating social bookmarking services into their SEO campaigns, as bookmarking and tagging (or folksonomy, can be an effective method of influencing search engine keyword query results.

Folksonomy, also known as collaborative tagging, social indexing and categorizing, is user driven and managed by site visitors who use their own vocabulary and terms (or folksonomy) to describe or label an item, rather than a controlled vocabulary dictated by another person's perception, and therefore, their description or definition.

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Digg is a collaborative web environment that is managed by its members rather than assigned editors. On Digg, all members act as editors by "digging", or voting positively for and endorsing others contributions, or "nuking" them, and demoting the articles or content published by other Digg users.

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Digg's system allows users to conjointly establish the worthiness or value of content. Once an article or resource is published on Digg, other members view the content and either approve or disapprove. If your content receives many "Diggs", or voted, it can elevated to first page prominence and accessed by literally millions of viewers who can follow any links you have inserted in your submission back to your website or promotion.

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Delicious, formerly marketed as, is another very popular and widely used social bookmarking website.

Delicious, purchased by Yahoo in 2005, allows users to tag and classify webpages and documents in non-hierarchical categorization system. Also, by default, all users' bookmarking tags are available for public viewing, although members do have the option of designating their tags as private.

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Whereas Digg users "digg" articles to promote them to the front page, Delicious features a "hot list". San Diego Web Design Studio can collaborate with your business to promote your services or content on the Delicious platform's "popular" or "recent" pages via enhanced exposure techniques.

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