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smo: social media optimization

1: san diego social media services San Diego Web Studio implements social media optimization, or smo, to enhance and extend online exposure of your website, brand, and services by means of online and virtual community websites, social networking, blogging, vlogs, photoblogs, article creation and distribution, rss news syndication, online reputation and identity management, social media marketing and advertising, and more...

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2: san diego viral marketingViral Marketing is word of mouth and mouse marketing, or referral based sales. On the internet, social media, tagging, & networking has taken on the term "Word of Mouse" marketing

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3: san diego social web optimization servicesAre you making the most of your online and viral marketing opportunities by means of social media optimization and advertising campaigns?

Viral marketing differs from word of mouth referral generated sales in the source, or media, of publicity buzz being social bookmarking sites, video and photo sharing hubs, and collaborative websites and wikis.

smm: social media marketing

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4: san diego social media marketingSocial Media Marketing, closely related to Search Engine Marketing, but applicable to social media websites and communities such as review sites, social networking communities, news syndication, blog promotion, and user generated content, is typically campaign oriented toward branding and promoting a product or company through viral marketing.

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Successful Social Media Marketing campaigns require demographical target audience specification and appeal. San Diego Web Studio achieves positive identity management, visibility, and end user dialogue with your brand via association with an authoritative, entertaining, humorous, or even controversial approach uniquely tailored to your target market audience.

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