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Our Seo services are founded on keyword research, optimization, and opportunistic marketing strategies. By first establishing a keyword to content web development strategy, we begin website content planning, execution, and expansion based upon pre-determined topics and subtopics.

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Websites that are built with search engine marketing performance in mind will structured upon pre-determined target keywords and phrases. Early detection of competitive keyword coverage gaps in market sectors provides invaluable opportunities for content development and ranking dominance, as well as inexpensive Pay Per Click targets.

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Google not only ranks each page for keyword relevancy, but also applies LSA, (latent semantic analysis) to the site as a whole. For example, a 20 page website focused entirely on berber carpet will typically rank much better for prime keyword phrases such as carpet, berber carpet, rugs, custom carpets, carpeting, floor coverings, mats, persian weaves, etc. than a 20 page website that is split evenly between berber carpet and home electronics with otherwise equivalent ranking factors criteria.

google factors theme & keyword relevancy in algorithms

Google algorithms acknowledge the similarity and relation between words that supportively enhance overall site relevancy and comprehensive, value-rich information.

A site that includes unrelated topics and content will typically lose relevancy for its prime keyword targets, and therefore ranking, through "theme bleeding", as opposed to a website focused and themed upon the main targeted keyword phrases with otherwise equivalent ranking attributes.

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It is well known among search engine optimization experts that Google and other major search properties and directories integrate latent semantic indexing factors, or LSI, into their algorithmic formulas.

Semantics involve the relationship, or association, between words, meanings, and symbols. Google's algorithm is programmed to identify certain words as synonymous, such as "floor covering" and "carpeting", for example, and computes assigns a higher relevancy rating to sites fortified sitewide with semantical words and phrases analogous with the website's primary keyword themes, or topic.

niche topic websites vs. themebleeding

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A website that is themed and semantically rich will typically achieve higher search engine placement for its prime keyword phrases due to Google's affinity for large informative, themed, and authoritative websites.

Application of a niche driven and semantically engineered website theme is an advanced and highly effective search engine optimization strategy.

San Diego Web Studio develops web content categories and subtiered page topic recommendations based on targeted keyword and key phrase appropriateness, competitive opportunities, market saturation factors, and other qualification criteria.

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As a significant phase of our formal web design process, we lay a solid foundation for success & usability by thorough research, planning, and development of your targeted keyword market strategy.

Through indepth keyword discovery and analysis based on competitive research, statistical and historical search engine trends and query counts, we identify targeted keyword and key phrase opportunities for generating and converting qualified search engine traffic.

Comprehensive exploitation and optimization of relevant search engine query opportunities promotes improved market penetration, extended market reach, and bolsters your ROI by maximizing revenues and profits generated from your online advertising campaigns.

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