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1. does your website presell for you?

site audit & appraisal

Chances are, if you're reading this, your website is lagging. If so, you need better selling website

If we create it, your website will look much better than your competitors' - San Diego Website Design Studio will make sure of this! You take pride in your business, and it should show...

when websites presell...clients take orders

We are cc'd on many client form submissions [to measure conversion and ensure against form spam and form malfunctions ], we can verify that the majority of form submissions are not merely inquiries for more information.

Rather, the senders state the next step is an intention to hire our clients, because the website has already conveyed the client is the solution to their dilemna or need; their websites "presell".

More often than not, the clients are taking orders, rather than giving persuasive sales demonstrations.

san diego web design services

2. maximum profits

ranking & conversion

higher ranking:

If we create and optimize your website for natural search engine performance, it will rank much better than your competitors' domains who have websites of equal age and size - we'll make sure of this, too!

hand coded | lean | clean | custom | quality

Re-engineering your website to perform significantly better, you'll notice the improvement in your sales volume, thus profits (not to mention prestige).

san diego web design services
cut web design costs:

We don't cut corners, only costs
We cut costs and unnecessary clicks for your site visitors (Google hates sending search visitors to websites that require too many clicks to get to the content they searched for, by the way!)

We'll take measures to ensure your website will be more user-friendly, functional, and intuitively interfaced than your competitors' sites - and make sure our clients agree before calling any project complete!

san diego website marketing and delivery expertise

3. professional marketing

presentation & delivery


A strong, successful background in sales, marketing, advertising and consulting extends our capabilities well beyond just design and seo.

not just design and seo

Once we take charge of your website, your online presence will emanate quality, professionalism, class, and be an inviting site for engaging your prospective new clients (and stealing that coveted market share currently belonging to your competitors!)

more engaging:

The internet allows a maximum initial time window of 2 - 7 seconds for your message & branding to engage a site visitor who has landed on your website.

If your site has failed to intrigue or instill confidence, that prospective customer will click away to a competing webpage - yes, looks DO MATTER!

Engage and captivate. Set out to do surpass the most smashing competitors sites' from the outset. The web rewards investment, innovation, and keyboard labor.

website speed and performance

4. website performance

usability& performance

clean | x-broswer compatible | extensible

Given an equal playing field, meaning your website has the same age history and geo-targeted demographic market, your products and services are proportionately value priced, and your investment and maintenance expectations are equivalent to the expenditures afforded by your competitors, we're pretty sure your site will convert site visitors to paying customers very satisfactorily - come to think of it, our clients sometimes act like the cat who ate the mouse (but the receptionist always lets the cat out of the bag, eventually)

website income is the outcome of tenacity

The internet becomes more competitive and saturated every day...with billions of new web documents added constantly, your targeted market and prospective new clients will shop providers and carefully select their needed services, information, and products based on overall quality and confidence...

lean & mean selling machine

We'll structure your website to be more of a lean, mean, selling machine than your competitors' sites - hand coding websites allow for scrutiny of every element and tag, meaning nothing passes without careful forethought.

comparative performance

If your business is the highest ranking site that meets the site visitors' criteria for stature, proficiency, value, and reliability, you have hit the magic ROI formula on the mark.

Prospective clients do need to find you before they can choose you...position DOES MATTER!

professional website assets are cash cows for small business revenue


reach new markets

What turns an ordinary website into a properly designed, structured, and web standards compliant professional web presence? What turns a high ranking website into an online money making machine?

website income is the outcome of tenacity

What turns a site into an effective marketing means that engages site visitors and establishes credibility in your business, services, and products?

What will turn a poorly ranking existing website into a top Google, Yahoo and MSN first page listing? Investing in professional web services.

professional website services in san diego, ca

website monetization

increase web based revenue

profit is the bottom line

Ask any business owner who relies on the web for new clients and sales: what use is a beautiful website if it can't be found? but even more importantly: What use is a high ranking website if it can't compel site visitors to make the right move; pick up the phone or complete a purchase, & convert to clients?

A site that ranks well but doesn't convert ( a waste of space...and clicks...and time = nuisance website ) will eventually, sooner rather than later, lose search engine positioning if it fails to engage site visitors.

Google rewards sites that captivate end users and succeed in engaging site visitors with rich content, a pleasant user experience, interesting material, etc.

Popularity breeds popularity. Search engine real estate is valuable. Rule # 1: Don't Waste Space!

professional website services in san diego, ca

holistic website approach

google factors over 200 site aspects

effective seo & persuasive marketing

Because your website investment should be useful and profitable, San Diego Web Design Studio approaches each facet and objective of your site holistically.

We address each stage of site visitor interaction and integrate visual presentation with effective search engine positioning and persuasive engineering.

professional  web design services in san diego, ca

systematic action plan

High ranking alone does not constitute conversion. Bluntly stated, if your site ranks high on Google and Yahoo, receives a high volume of traffic, but produces no phone calls, inquiry form submissions, or sales - it is factually wasting space and in need of an analytic and statistically based re-engineering and modification.

search engine favored website design practices

our sites: search engine favorites


clean | hand crafted | seo structured

hand coding

We hand code all of our websites - hand coding allows for superior control of the xhtml tags, scripts, and programming quality while ensuring more thorough scrutinization of all elements and related markup. Hand coding is an elite form of web development used by the most experienced design professionals. we're thorough. Black hat is short term, quality and good business sense is key, and recognized by Google for being just that.

advantages of hand coded websites over wysiwygsGreatly improved search engine performance is just one significant benefit of hand coding your website, resulting in an edge on your competitors. Hand coded sites are almost always better looking and more attractive to your site visitors as they require more in-depth designer involvement and therefore, produce more intense focus and attention to aesthetic detail. Hand coding eliminates the use of WYSIWYG'S (an acronym for "what you see is what you get" applications). These shortcut applications better known in the web design industry as WYSINWYG'S, or "what you see is NEVER what you get". A common complication inherent in the use of website development software applications is the inherent "extensions", or trash, typically deposited in the site's code which commonly cause irregularities, unsightliness, and unpredictability on the hosting server, as well as hinder efficient search engine crawling and indexing.

added benefits of hand coding Most web designers rely on software applications to construct web sites - this limits their capabilities to the confinements and restrictions of their application, often rendering the "designer" defenseless when the software inevitably acts up or malfunctions. If your designer can't code by hand, neither will they be equipped to repair mechanically produced coding errors and irregularities. San Diego Web Design Studio produces completely custom and flexible designs to meet your specifications and preferences because we are masters at controlling the page, layout, and placement of all site elements and parameters. Where most designers say no to change requests, we ask "anything else?"...

Hand crafted websites contain less markup and therefore load faster and are more easily crawled by search engine bots due to a higher content to code ratio, meaning your site contains more of what the search engines want; words, content, valuable and unique information, and less of what they don't: code and markup that can be kept offpage in an external file or eliminated altogether by clean hand coding and XHTML mastery. Matt Cutts, a well-known website spam and quality control engineer at Google, recently cited enhanced robot and spider visits and thoroughness resulting from a strong content to code ratio as one of the most essential onpage search engine performance and optimization factors for affecting favorable ranking and search visibility.

professional web design services in san diego, ca

san diego web design approcach

excellent workmanship

Our website creations meet the highest specifications for workmanship, creativity, web standards compliance, and technical excellence. We build clean, professional CSS websites designed with the utmost attention to detail, best search engine optimization practices, and target audience appropriateness.

Our sites look great, load quickly, read legibly, navigate easily, and render gracefully in any web browser.

custom design & construction

We build custom, professional websites designed to client's specifications with unlimited design and coordination steps. Your website is a very personal and impactul impression of your business - it has the capacity to reach a global audience and acts as your organization's window to the world. It should reflect favorably on your company while serving as an endorsement of your products and services. You've worked hard at growing a successful brick and mortar business, let us create online brand continuity and congruency with a polished and professional image.

advantages of custom web design services We confirm you are entirely satisfied and approving of your site's look, feel, and layout prior to progressing into production on any website mockup. When you say "approved", we move into the construction phase and build out the site's actual pages! This in-depth branding approach results in a favorable and consistent marketing message that establishes credibility and an authoritative status over your competitors - the bottom line is increased sales, improved client retention ratios, and a solid foundation on which to further your marketing reach and penetration.

benefits of a professional website Being completely satisfied with every aspect of your website's construction and design will save you money on unnecessary redesign expenses. We provide you with a modern, longer-lasting web presence that projects the quality and esteem your business deserves.

website relevancy and recency

cutting edge current websites


Implementation of the latest and most interactive technologies as replacement for non-search engine friendly flash design, navigation, and website elements.

We simulate the dynamic and interactive effects produced by Flash technology for improved search ability. Flash technology cannot be read by search engine robots, but can now be re-coded and replaced with Html 5 and CSS 3...with NO Javascript or jQuery!

advantages of dhtml over flash CSS3 and Html5 are universal, open source programming languages as opposed to Flash. By using common website coding instead of Flash, we provide users with interactivity without requiring them to download a flash or shockwave player from the Flash Macromedia website. Flash sites and movies tend to be heavy and slow loading, prompting most prospective site visitors to become annoyed and click away to a competing website.

benefits of using javascript vs. flash CSS3 and Html5 are fast loading and don't require any special software to operate on an end user's equipment. Programming language vs. multimedia allows improved optimization for keywords and phrases.

professional redesign services in san diego, ca

why w3c? why validate?

for clients & the web

compliant websites exemplify professionalism

We consider compliance with W3C standardized validation an extremely important element of professional, hiqh-quality web design.

the web's inventor thinks so too...

W3C Validator And so Tim Berners-Lee, the creator and inventor of the Internet itself. He spearheads the W3C authoritative committee that professionalizes the web design and development industry. W3C is the authority on web standards for traditional websites, as well as mobile compliant standardization and web television.

They are also the voice of professional developers of programming languages that include xml, rdf, semantics, and much more.

clean | x-broswer compatible | extensible

See the page titled W3C Standards and Website Validation.

Our website products are 100% validating per web standard compliance protocols and your website's visual, contextual, categorical, and navigational structure will be specifically engineered to appeal and meet the unique needs of your specific target market audience

Whether your prospective new customers' needs are information, product, or service driven, we'll prepare the ideal vehicle and layout for a compelling call to action: sales!

html validation benefits and advantages

Html5 Validation Advantages

We html 5 validate our web site designs in accordance with W3C profesional standards. You'll be assured your online presence meets the highest levels of professionalism, quality, and excellence within the industry. XHTML validation assures we dot our i's and cross our t's, checking each tag and element against errors, broken links, cross browser and cross platform compatibility issues.

advantages of xhtml validated websites When your site is syntactically correct and its XHTML code adheres to the web's strictest specifications, it has the greatest probability of working compatibly and rendering gracefully and predictably with the vast majority of devices, browsers, and operating systems, resulting in greatly improved odds your site will look professional and attractive in a wide array of unique end user computing environments.

reasons to adhere to w3c standardsGoogle, Yahoo, and other search engines love properly constructed webpages and documents. Your XHTML compliant site will gain improved search engine visibility and inclusion because search and directory robots will easily understand and index proper coding - this translates into better organic search placement.

more benefits of professional website design and best practices

more benefits of standard compliant sites

Since 2002, San Diego Website Studio's sites have been designed and styled using pure CSS (Cascade Style Sheets). This means we use no outdated and code-heavy table construction to build our sites which produces a very favorable content to text ratio.

We CSS validate the main page of every site we design in accordance with the standards for accessibility and proper style sheet standards. W3C is the highest web standards compliance authority in the web design industry.

advantages of a css validated website For starters, search engines such as Google and Yahoo are reputed to favor and give ranking preference to websites that are properly programmed, adhere to the professional standards of the W3C, and are web "accessible". Web Accessibility ensures that your website is legible to disabled and handicapped site visitors, such as blind persons, who use the assistance of an apparatus to surf the web. Website Accessibility, or accommodation of the handicapped population, is also a requirement of any business seeking to subcontract services to the government or public sector.

benefits of css designed sites Another of the numerous advantages of a code compliant CSS website is the vast majority of styling code is kept offpage in an external file, your website will result in a much more favorable code to text ratio which translates into increased search engine robot and crawler readability, more thorough and favorable search engine indexing of your site's content and keyword phrases, and a significant boost to your competitive edge. Another added benefit of keeping the styling code offpage is your pages will be lighter and load much more quickly for notoriously impatient site visitors who will predictably click off to another site rather than wait for a slow-loading, lagging page to resolve.

more reasons to implement cascade style sheets In addition, we substitute heavy use of graphics for links and headings with CSS styles that simulate images contributing to a lighter page weight and loading speed. These text for image substitutions actually consist of keyword rich, searchable phrases that search engines can read and index, rather than images that contain no performance enhancing words or content. When images are included onpage, we optimize and access enable them with descriptive alt tags for increased search performance.

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Design, Seo & Delivery

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Can provide you with a straightforward and affordable website solution based on your site's current state, structure, and unique specifications. For professional website improvement options, please call our California web design firm today at 619.504.0450.

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