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site audit & appraisal

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  • Do you update your website diligently?
  • Does your site reflect quality & competence?
  • Is your site professionalism and polished?
  • Is your business expertise adequately portrayed?
  • Does your site establith authoritative leadership?
  • Does your site enhance credibility & trust?
  • Does it appear fresh & current?
  • Are you experiencing growth & rising revenue?
  • Are you penetrating new markets?
  • Do you have an advanced mobile strategy?

san diego website redesign If you answered "no" to any of the above questions, it may be time to update your website, polish your professional image, and empower your online impact.

convinced that website quality matters?

san diego webpage redesign help Perhaps you've already decided to improve your current website, but are unsure of where to start, or what to do...should you work with what's in place, or rebuild from scratch?

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san diego web design services


sales &revenue growth

san diego website redesign Your website has a job to do - the very first impression your website should make is a statement of quality, credibility, and professionalism.

professional redesign Your site should reflect an established and superior contender in an evermore competitive marketing environment - that you take your business seriously and believe in it enough to invest in it along with the customers who support you.


outshine competitorsA commitment to quality affirms and validates your clients' decisions to entrust you with their choose you over your competitors.

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digital & creative

california website performance reviewThe most common and impactful reason we encounter for recommending website redesign over existing webpage repair remedies is search engine optimization and ranking performance.

web redesign for seoIf your website is more than a year old and has a significant amount of quality, relevant incoming backlinks, but is not performing well on Google and the major search engines, it's very likely that website structure, scripting, and poor robot crawlability are the culprits.

poor structure prevents indexing by robotsMany navigational / architectural flaws and hindrances are most easily remedied by a redesign; conversely, many heavy onpage scripting obstacles can be repaired.

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rebuild and redesign or repair and refresh your current site?


website redevelopment

redesign or salvage and repair?Do you need a complete site redesign, or can your current website be salvaged and repaired?

repairable issues An example of poor search engine performance that does NOT require a redesign could be duplicitous content.

unique vs. duplicate contentIf you genuinely feel information already posted and readily available online is essential to your site visitors, rewrite it and enrich the content's value in the process, which is one of many solutions to duplicate content that contributes to site stickiness.

avoid duplicate content penalties Another alternative to rewriting unoriginal content is to present the information in a graphical format so it is not picked up by search engine crawlers, and thus avoid duplicate content penalization.

alternative methodsYou can also place a "no index, no follow" tag in the header of a duplicate content page to instruct search engine robots to not index, therefore not factor the content into a penalization.

options for repairShould this be the case, and your website is otherwise professional and current, a redesign is obviously not necessary.

take a leadership role in your industry


show quality & originality

Our San Diego website redesign projects meet the same high standards for quality, professionalism, aesthetics, workmanship, and technical excellence as the sites we launch from concept inception. Any webpage we create or recreate, unless agreed upon otherwise, will include complete reconstruction.

website redesign features

  • website goal & planning worksheet
  • in person strategizing session, when geographically feasible
  • competitive research & review
  • css3 validation per web standards
  • html5 code validation per web standards
  • custom design, graphics, and layout
  • css text based navigational structure
  • onpage search engine optimization
  • pre-launch quality checklist execution
  • performance | crawlability | structure | originality | and more...


Determination to outshine, outperform, and outsell online competitors may become the most lucrative business endeavor you will ever accomplish.

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Design, Seo & Delivery

san diego web studio servicesSan Diego Web Design Studio can provide you with a straightforward and affordable website solution based on your site's current state, structure, and unique specifications. For professional website improvement options, please call our California web design firm today at 619.504.0450.

professional redesign services in san diego, ca website relevancy and recency

website relevancy & recency


lets improve your site Let's get your website search engine optimized and emanating professionalism, leadership, high quality, cutting edge currency.

san diego web redesign standards Consultation regarding our website redesign services section will provide San Diego Web Studio with the pertinent information to your customize your site.

strategize your marketingWe'll devise a custom plan according to your project's specific criteria, target audience, strategy, congruent marketing message and tone, as well as factor in your competitors' strengths and weaknesses.

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If your company or organization needs reliable and efficient web services, give us a call at 619.504.0450

We understand how confusing and overwhelming web design & marketing decisions can be for most individuals - so we keep things simple for you. Call us any day of the week, before or after you retain us. For your convenience, you can eMail us with any questions and receive a prompt response to your inquiry.

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