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A podcast is an internet based audio and video publication or presentation that is broadcast by subscription, or permission marketing, over the web.

What sets apart a podcast from other forms of web media that is syndication.

Proprietary software applications such as iTunes® or Winamp are designed to automatically, via robotic indexing, recognize & capture new podcast files when they are published by communicating with a common hub that displays all files related to a specific podcast.

By offering streamed delivery , a company can maintain communication and regular contact with subscribers, enhancing their influence and marketing relationship with their audience.

The entity or publisher actually providing the broadcast is titled the "podcaster", as they are casting out their message to their subscribers, or audience, to increase their reach & following.

Podcasts, with movie files, are also commonly referred to as "vidcasts" or "vodcasts" to reference video clips delivered as video on demand via handheld device delivery.

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Webcasts are delivered using a variety of media, technologies, and platforms. A common form of webcasting is obviously posting videos to youtube. Webinars are also very popular in the web marketing sector. Podcasts and vidcasts, deployable from a mobile phone or other device, are forms of webcasting. Webcasting is synonymous with broadcasting, only web based rather than confined to television.

common podcast & vidcast uses

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The following list includes only a few of the many examples of webcasting:

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  • to disperse news clips
  • academic, clinical & scientific development announcements
  • music & audio publishing, such as mp3's of meditation guides
  • alternative versions of television productions

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other forms of webcasting

The list below includes some variations of webcasting:

  • autocasting: robotic podcast dissemination of text files
  • blogcasting: blogging via podcast streaming files
  • mediacasting: media circulation via syndication or RSS
  • mobilecasting: castings for phones & small devices
  • vodcasting: podcasting video or movie clips
  • narrowcasting: casting to very niche market; narrow topic


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A webinar was once a fairly new term used in reference to a web conference. Also referred to as a webcast, a webinar is typically a demonstration or presentation, often delivered live, that imparted to an receptive audience of pupils or trainees. Webinars often consist of streaming video and audio, and often incorporate VOIP technologies, or voice over internet protocol.

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