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Number #1 Boutique Web Design Studio in San DiegoAn increasingly misused niche term iin the San Diego Web Design industry is for SEO agencies and internet companies to identify themselves as "boutique" web firms. Although some newly self-described Web Design companies are trend setters, unique, and eclectic, most are anything but genuinely "boutique". Our About Us section provides detailed info on what constitutes authentic Boutique Web Services.

We are San Diego's original Boutique Web Studio. Officially operating as San Diego Web Studio since 2002, our work has been internet based since 1996. Computers and Technology have been been at the core of our OCD since the 1980's.

Custom High Quality Web Design Studio in San DiegoWEB DESIGN OVERVIEW » This page provides an introductory overview to web design related services, including website maintenance, website support, content authoring, and domain acquisition services.

professional advantages

Meshed with a career in Marketing, Advertising, Sales and Management Consulting, we pack a powerful punch. See below for more than a fistful of what it takes to catch up to establish a and effective, competitive online marketing formula.

Professional Design and Web Standard Compliance PROFESSIONAL WEB DESIGN » This page provides a detailed, feature by feature overview of professional website design factors, including advantages and benefits to our web design clients.

hand crafted design

hand coded attention to detail in designe and developmentHAND CODED WEBSITE DEVELOPMENT » We handcode all of our HTML5 and CSS3 websites. When working with WordPress for a client's blog, or a Content Management framework at a client's request, we first deconstruct to strip excess code and redundant markup, then recode by hand for improved detail and precise control of the visual and search engine performance factors. Hand coding is an elite form of web design that requires complete mastery of web development markup and integrated programming languages.

site reconstruction

hand coded attention to detail in designe and developmentWEBSITE REDESIGN » Looks do matter, but proper, lean website construction and valid markup are also essential components for search engine performance and site visitor responsiveness. Our specialty is website repair for Seo success. Sometimes a website impaired by lack of proper planning will result in poor usability & navigability...user interface design and information architecture are areas in which we have advanced skills and extensive experience.

eCommerce sites

eCOMMERCE WEB DESIGN » Our eCommerce web design services can be as simple as integrating a PayPal shopping cart and transaction facilitated website. For direct credit card processing, in collaboration with your merchant account provider, we can install a full payment gateway, shell secure environment, and sophisticated shopping carts pre-programmed to compute the right tax amounts, shipping fees, and recommended upsells based on user behavior and profile preferences.

specialty website designs

MULTI-PURPOSE SITE DEVELOPMENT » Whether you need an intranet, an extranet, a Coming Soon, or PPC campaign landing page, count on custom design and development for polish and performance.


WEB CONTENT AUTHORING » This page of our website development section includes writing and content creation services for websites, social media distribution, and viral content sharing. We also offer professional Press Release Writing and Promotion, Seo article distribution, Blog posts, brand development, and authoritative content creation to promote your leadership position online.

site upkeep

WEBSITE MAINTENANCE » We offer ongoing website care and maintenance services that include revisions, updates, image and photographic adjustments, hosting, email set up and administration, as well as cloud hosted enterprise . Our maintenance services differ from our website support services in that website maintenance is focused on problem prevention, upkeep, and grooming, whereas website support is centered on troubleshooting, diagnostics, repair, and reinclusion services for site and seo issues.

diagnostics & repair

WEBSITE SUPPORT » Our website support services are diagnostic and recovery oriented for quick and effective problem resolution and damage control. Services that fall under Support include complete website diagnostic and troubleshooting, virus and malware removal from sites, search engine reinclusion administration for banned sites, online form repair and form spam elimination and prevention services, eMail problem resolutions, dead and misdirected web link redirects, repair and/or removal of other problematic issues and obstacles.


domain consulting services

DOMAINS & SUBDOMAINS » We offer advanced domain name services, including domain consulting, domain name research and appraisal services, and domain strategy including subdomain implementation. We also administer the acquisition process of used domains, negotiation and escrow of domain transfers, as well as domain recommendations for search engine optimization and extended market penetration.

project administration

PROJECT MANAGEMENT » Embarking on a new website project can be overwhelming and complex. We offer web consulting and project planning services to ensure your website is built on a solid foundation of strategic target market analysis and competitive research findings. Our search engine friendly websites are built on phased growth and development, as well as objectives and methods for measuring progress and arriving at scheduled milestones. Establish a leadership position with authoritative web development services.

information architecture

WEBSITE ARCHITECTURE » Website information architecture and hierarchical organization is a component of the website planning and execution process. When properly strategized and executed, information architecure and user interface design will result in enhanced usability and search engine friendliness. We always say: "you can have good navigation and still have a poor site, but it is impossible to have bad navigation and still have a "good", usable website". Information architecture is the backbone of your website. Is it time for your site to spine up?


mobile web services

MOBILE WEB DEVELOPMENT OVERVIEW » This page provides an introductory overview to our Mobile Web Design related services, including Mobile Application Development, All Device Interoperability and Compatibility, as well as Mobile Marketing, Advertising, MSEO [Mobile Search Engine Optimization], and more.

mobile web designs

CUSTOM MOBILE WEBSITES » Like our web design services for traditional desktop websites, we ascribe to a formal mobile design process in adherence with the W3C Mobile Best Practices guidelines. Mobile websites are mostly used by a uniquely specific end user group who are tech savvy and have very goal driven web usage patterns of online behaviors. Most common devices, at time of writing [March, 2011] are iPhones, Android Smart phones, Symbian, and white collar Crackberry handsets.

mobile apps

CUSTOM BUILT MOBILE APPLICATIONS » We combine mobile best practices with clean and lightweight design, then integrate back end programming to create unique and functional mobile applications that serve as effective branding and marketing utilities.


MOBILE PAYMENT SITES » mCommerce is rapidly becoming one of the fastest growing segments of mobile web. Numerous global merchants facilitate payments via mobile phone, mobile debit accounts, mobile credit card payment gadgets, mobile banking features facilitated by handheld device cameras, not to mention QR barcode product and information services. Yep...all of that. We can get you scan, swipe, and small screen ready in a short time. We can mobilize and optimize your business for a sweet spot on search.

mobile web standards

mCOMMERCE WEB DESIGN » San Diego Web Studio adheres to the recommendation of the W3c and ascribes to the highest practices and standards in the industry. Mobile website considerations include smaller screen size adaptation, download speed limitations, smaller processors, thus a less robust computing environment than traditional desktop website environments. With this in mind, we optimize for lighter weight and enhanced response times for mobile web users.

device compatibility

ALL DEVICE INTEROPERABLE » While some applications and marketing campaigns are narrowly targeted, such as applications that provide interactivity and shared resources between iPhones and iPads. Most mobile products, services, and apps are suitable for much wider audiences and benefit from adaptive programming to include Android phones, tablets, Blackberry devices, and Symbian web enabled phones, as well as Netbooks., just announced in March 2011, more than 25% of their mobile site visitors are accessing the site via their iPads.

google mobile

GOOGLE MOBILE » Just as Mobile Website Design and Development requires special small screen and slower processor considerations, Google Search is uniquely voice enabled, as well as other Google Services uniquely tailored for handheld web use. Mobile Seo is also quite different than traditional Seo for desktop websites, and is frequently customized by latitude and longitude positioning at the time of query. Mobile search engine results rendered to handheld G search clientele is strongly influenced by the end user's geo-location at the time of query, if location awareness is enabled on that user's device.


seo & sem intro

SEO & SEM OVERVIEW » This page provides an introductory overview to our Search Engine Optimization and Search Engine Marketing Services. We use the color black to denote Seo, as nothing will get your business' P & L's back into the black as readily as our Organic Seo, covered in the descriptive items that follow below and link to pages in San Diego Web Studio's SEO section.

seo site repair

WEBSITE REPAIR FOR SEO » Our specialty is fixing deadbeat websites for organic Seo improvement. If you have a website that is more than one or two years old and have been unable to make SEO progress, we can fix it for you in most instances. We haven't run across a deadbeat site problem yet that we couldn't resolve. Website repair for SEO & obstacle removal often entails Server Side Cleanup and Onpage Search Optimization services. Prior to hiring us, the majority of our Site Repair for SEO clients have worked with an average or two or three web development companies to no avail, and are pretty frustrated skeptical. We manage these projects with realistic feedback, understanding, and grace.

organic seo

ORGANIC SEARCH ENGINE OPTIMIZATION » Next to Hand Crafted Website Design and Website SEO Repair, we're especially skilled in Organic Seo. It goes hand in hand with quality, which is preceded by hand coding our prospective Seo projects, and creating natural search engine favorites. Quality matters. Hand coding provides a nice Seo boost for a variety of reasons, including unique, streamlined code, which is not an associated trait of spammy websites. Google's algorithmic techniques are pretty damn smart, and so are you if you're committed to quality web products.

geo-localized seo

LOCAL SEO » Whether it's Google Places, Micro-City Optimization, or SEO for Mobile, let's get local. Reach, penetrate, convert competitors' market share... and let's set out to dominate and saturate your geo-targeted markets, if that's your goal. Ready to make the investment within a defined radius of your business? Geo-based Search Optimization also plays a major role in Seo for Mobile Web. Think location awareness, now offered by Google for desktops! of early 2011.

sponsored search

PAID SEARCH ENGINE PLACEMENT » We offer managed internet marketing services. Primarily focused on Organic Search Optimization, we generate plenty of search engine based revenue for our clients without paying any per click charges. For new websites, and specialized SEM campaigns, we offer Sponsored Search Campaign Setup services, Landing Page Design and Optimization, Analytical Conversion Services including A/B Conversion Testing, Advertising Copywrite, and SEM Reporting, to name a few. Recently, we have become enthusiastically engaged in Mobile Web Advertising and Pay for Call [PFC].

seo buzz

PRESS & PUBLIC MEDIA PROMOTION » We provide ongoing media promotion and public relations services to maintain a high profile for your brand and website in news coverage, top online press release syndications, relevant portals and blog properties, as well as Google News alerts. Count on great article creation and distribution, and viral media services.

listings & link building

STRATEGIC LINK & LISTING SERVICES » We advocate quality over quantity, so our approach to backlink selection and directory listing campaigns is selective and congruent with our motto "Be Picky". Not only do we stay within decisive boundaries for outgoing links, we also offer re-organization and restructuring of existing website linking profiles. Please don't participate in link farms and bad neighborhoods...our web consulting services include revealing whether these no-no's are causing search visibility problems for your website.

webpage seo

ONPAGE SEO » Onpage Seo services are available as an integrated Search Engine Optimized Website Design project. Our Onpage Seo is also available a la carte or as an add-on service for existing websites that are properly built, contain no significant Seo ranking obstacles, yet lack proper tagging, keyword inclusion and prominence, and lack White Hat Seo exploits, opportunities, and Search Engine guidance techniques...we'll give it the "touch" it takes to boost and enhance your Off-Page Seo campaign.

advanced seo

OFF-PAGE SEO » Off page Seo services are ideal for properly constructed and organized websites that are prepped with onpage Seo features. Off page Seo is focused on your website's orientation and reference from your online community. Of most importance is your website's interrelationship with the most established and authoritative web properties within your industry or niche. Our advanced Seo services are based on White Hat techniques, quality, and favorable ranking longevity.

advanced seo

OFF-PAGE SEO » Off page Seo services are ideal for properly constructed and organized websites that are prepped with onpage Seo features. Off page Seo is focused on your website's orientation and reference from your online community. Of most importance is your website's interrelationship with the most established and authoritative web properties within your industry or niche. Our advanced Seo services are based on White Hat techniques, quality, and favorable ranking longevity.

media seo

AUDIO & VIDEO SEO » We optimize video, audio, podcasts, webinars, and other media for Search Engine Visibility. We help you "get around". Ever had that kind of reputation? We also strategically position your media for prominence on important web properties. We improve visibility and popularity by spreading the message and enhancing the media's appeal to your demographic market. Use me again, and again, and again...I'm used to it.

microdata seo

SEMANTIC SEO » We provide advanced Semantic Seo services utilizing Microformats, RDFa, XML, Rich Snippets, MicroData, and related technologies. For eCommerce Websites and Product related sales, we also integrate GoodRelations for optimal search query inclusion, improved ranking, keyword development, and query results inclusion. Semantic services may include vCard creation, ratings aggregation and publishing, custom vocabulary creation, pricing database services, hResumes, hCalendar integration, event syndication, and more.

download & response time

WEBSITE PERFORMANCE » Even prior to Google announcing that download and response speeds were becoming an SEO ranking factor, we were on top of it. Creating and maintaining lightweight and quick responding webpages will remain an important element for conversion and site stickiness. Slow downloading websites are habitually abandoned due to end user impatience and expectations, and suffer from inherently high bounce rates. Get the message exposed, rather than a narcissistic Flash animation. Nobody is going to wait while a site owner spends precious seconds getting the damn Flash page to render. Use of Html5 and CSS3 can dynamically and quickly enable transitions and animation effects, so why bog your site down with proprietary media that requires a special browser "plug-in"? Open source is what we use. Universally supported and Web Standard Compliant.

conversion & usability

CONVERSION ENHANCEMENT » In order to achieve the highest conversion rates possible, we offer statistical analysis and usability testing to determine what formula, or combinations of factors, produce the highest rates of return. Conversion can be measured according to each website's specific goals and objectives, often termed your "Most Wanted Response", along with secondary, tertiary, and auxiliary goals for desired actions performed by your site visitors.


seo research

STRATEGIC SITE PLANNING FOR SEO » We offer advanced Search Consulting Services that include thorough strategic research to identify and capitalize on development of lucrative keyword markets, opportunistic coverage of competitors' gaps, competitive research and analysis, web development, and business planning support.

keyword services

STRATEGIC KEYWORD RESEARCH » We offer keyword and Seo consulting services that result in smooth and profitable phased website development scheduling. Our SEO planning begin with factoring several project variables. In scope considerations include domain name age and history, target market demographics, competitor keyword coverage gaps and opportunities, market saturation, long tail keyword phrase identification and targeting, as well as keyword effectiveness ratings, niche variables, and other influential components.

w3c validation

WEBSITE VALIDATION COMPLIANCE » We offer indepth consulting, testing, and programming compliance services to upgrade website markup and components to pass W3C Web Standard Validation Compliance testing. Website owners benefit substantially by adhering to W3C recommendations and passing standardized validation tests. Properly coded websites are also much easier for search engine robots to crawl and index, as well as extensible and less expensive to expand and develop.


smo intro

SOCIAL MEDIA PROMOTION » This page serves as the SMO portal entry, introducing our Social Media Optimization Services. Included in this section are custom Blog Design services, Wordpress Setup, Tumblr, Blogger, and related services. We offer Content Management System Integration and Maintenance Services for Drupal, Joomla, Mambo, and other open source publishing platforms. In addition to Social Networking support, such as Professional Profile Development, and more...want to offer your CVS in hResume format? We've got you covered...

reputation management

ONLINE RATINGS MANAGEMENT & MONITORING» This service is often termed "Reputation Management". We often have clients in need of "Negative Impact Recovery" support. We have effectively applied White Hat methods in previous situations, and assess each situation on a case by case basis. We offer damage repair, further damage prevention consulting. We also advocate implementation of systematic methods for resolving any future customer relation issues prior to reaching this escalation to web postings, a learned skill from our training and experience managing a Customer Service team at Williams Sonoma online; the ultimate happy customer company. Not just a band-aid, but a win-win solution for identifying and addressing problems before they go viral. Even restitution for the sake of reputation management is less expensive in the long run. If something is wrong with a customer, make it right! Yes, we practice what we preach . Disagree? eMail me NOW please!

networking services

PROFESSIONAL PROFILE ENHANCEMENT » This is a service we offer to professionals, and organizations, to polish their business image and career highlights, as well as enrich the presentation of skills and expertise. Our Professional Profile Management Services are co-focused on prevention of the negative impact online "socializing", on a personal level, can impose and affect hiring and occupational promotion opportunities. We promote what helps highlight and further your proficiency and qualifications, while addressing those excerpts that won't. Skeletons welcome.

blog & cms systems

BLOG & CMS PUBLISHING SERVICES » Utilizing Wordpress, Blogger, Tumblr, and other social media framework, we can set up a creative and attractive blog or microblog presence for your professional niche. In doing so, we strongly suggest use of your own domain, rather than building your content and presence on the Social Platforms. Twitter development is an exception to the private domain recommendation, but we do offer Twitter feed integration for display on your website. We can also maintain and promote your posts and tweets with an ongoing SMO services arrangement. In addition to blog set up and development, we also offer custom content management system integration, administration, and maintenance for clients who are interested in publishing their own content on a regular basis.

viral airing & sharing

CONTENT VOTING & PROMOTING » Bookmarking, tagging, specifying, sharing, distributing, digging, waving, annotating, and commenting on web items is a method of content promotion and social media buzz. Our Social Media promotion services may include content creation, distribution, optimization, and promotion of various media types across relevant social web properties. Collaborate with us to create material consisting of information and / or resources useful to your unique target market, while the finished product can serve as effective "linkbait", providing a powerful double, two...wham! Be a knockout!

news & content feeds

CONTENT AGGREGATION & FEED SYNDICATION » Increase reader engagement, develop popularity with frequent repeat site visits. Enhance web visibility and channel your brand and marketing message via RSS content aggregation and syndication. For steady content publishers, we can integrate RSS and / or Atom Feed Subscription Options to improve service to your audience, as well as submit your content to various prominent, relevant publishing and promotional sources.


POD, AUDIO AND VIDEO WEBCASTING » Whether delivering your content and news via podcasts, webcasts, vidcasts, or other streaming media, we offer full editing, captioning, annotation, tagging, optimization, distribution, and promotion of your recorded presentation assets.

wiki authoring

WIKI & HUB CONTENT CREATION » Without a doubt, Wikipedia is frequently and prominently ranked in a large portion of Google Search Engine Results pages. Quality and authoritative content contributions can be weighty and significant sources of incoming links. Credit for content contributions typically includes a backlink at the author's discretion. In addition to mainstream sites like Wikipedia, Wikimedia, Wikia, and others, instructional hubs and forums such as eHow and Digg can also give organic ranking a positive boost.

file & image publication

POPULAR FILE & IMAGE CONTRIBUTIONS » We enliven image and file account development with Flickr, PhotoBucket, Google Docs, Scribd, and various Slide presentation Hubs. Just one of several social media methods of content distribution and promotion that we offer SMO clients.