multi purpose website design in san diego

From blogs, content management systems, intranets, extranets, microsites, and lead generation pages, purposeful, worthwhile nontraditional uses for websites are as varied as the industries served.

Following is a brief overview of useful, alternative webstie endeavors. Auxiliary websites, or booster sites, are less comprehensive than primary B to B and B to C sites.

Multi-purpose websites often make excellent tools for pilot testing new product rollouts, usability analysis, augmenting existing web marketing channels, and gathering valuable information.

Social Media and collaborative websites allow for attainment of more Marketing Research and Development intelligence data than ever before.

Blogs with commentary features, branded social media properties, extranets, polling, contests, and wikis enable direct communication with consumers, improved gauging of market sentiment toward a brand or product, direct feedback, and customer dialog.

From a marketing perspective, the collection of email opt-in newsletter subscriptions, votes, feedback, and interaction has never offered such rich, actionable detail.

From very small microsites and email collection pages to elaborate content management systems and hubs, 99.9% of all websites have one objective in common: Monetization.

Whether directly, or indirectly, by sale of display advertising space, adsense revenue, or development of affiliate relationships ... the goal is to reach, engage, and penetrate specific demographical markets for profit, or support of cause.

Private & Semi Private Websites

  • Intranets
  • Extranets
  • Paid content site sections [news]
  • Membership [ie,]

interactivity & automation

  • Paid content site sections [news]
  • Membership [ie,]
  • establish preferred buyer identity
  • qualify wholesale accounts prior to access
  • maintain password protected data
  • prevent competitors from accessing new info
  • filter out consumers from the B to B pricing
  • protect client & procurement identities
  • sell completely unrelated product lines
  • testing new concept or service w/minimal impact
  • avoid offending more conservative site visitors

intelligence gathering & info aggregation

  • hyper-local websites [mix small geo area w/niche]
  • microcity marketing
  • collection of contact info pre-launch
  • implementation of new media channel
  • isolate specific venues to gauge response
  • track ROI on individual campaigns
  • test efficacy of special offers
  • use in conjunction w/tv commercials
  • time sensitive blitz promotions
  • market testing
  • ppc campaign landing pages