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google mobo logo g Google Mobile Search, in a pattern very similar to Google traditional Search for desktops, is steadfastly establishing dominant leadership and majority market share in the fast growing handheld and small screen sector.

Mobile products and Mobile SEO vary quite a bit from their predecessors, the traditional desktop versions of search and optimization. Geo-targeting plays a core role in Mobile Search and query results. Mobile Search is inherently localized in nature, by what is called location awareness features and related technology.

As of early 2011, G is now offering geo-targeted search results for desktop users. This is an excellent opportunity and attractive enhancement for local brick and mortar business to step up their mobile and local search optimization game. The playing fields are shifting, for certain.

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google mobile servicesOne major difference between traditional search on G, and search queries originating from a mobile phone, are aural, or voiced results. Google Mobile speaks, as a safety and convenience feature, presuming Mobile users are on the go and busy with their hands and eyes.

Google Mobile Search

Google Search adapted for Mobile enables queries using voice, location, and instant search. The mobile search engine version of G uses "location awareness" technology to provide the most convenient query results based on proximity to your latitude and longitude position at time of query. In addition, mobile search provides custom movie theatre features and show time data.

You can ask Google Mobile any question, with the exception of "which restaurant is best?", for example. Meaning the query results will render consumer ratings and reviews, but Google will not make actual recommendations of one venue over another.

G's Search for Mobile is also very useful for finding products, comparing prices, and rendering consumer reviews on topic. For local merchants, semantic data markup can be a great investment.

Google Mobile Maps

Google's Mobile Maps feature is invaluable for easily obtaining driving, walking, biking directions to just about anywhere. Based on the extensive and sophisticated features of Google Earth, G's Mobile Maps will help you find nearby, or destination based, phone numbers, addresses, directions, as well as the easiest, quickest route based on real time traffic congestion info.

For our Mobile Web Design and SEO clients, we ensure all your locations, addresses, phone numbers, and pertinent information are included and correctly tagged to get deliver your customers to your office or store sans complications.

Google gMail for Mobile

As with traditional gMail, you can forward multiple gMail accounts to one inbox, search for conversations, apply Priority Inbox, and even receive alerts based on predetermined, custom filters. Offline gMail access and shortcuts are available for most types of web enabled phones.

Google Mobile Places

Google Places for Mobile Web provides a customizable platform for highlighting your selling points, publishing coupons and promotions, listing hours of operation, and offering videos, photos, and other info to site visitors searching the web from Google Maps portal.

As with your other business and professional profiles on Social Media and Industry websites, San Diego Web Studio can manage your business image and make the most of your Google Place's profile on Mobile and Desktop of versions of your company's G presence.

YouTube for Mobile

Next to mCommerce and Location Based technology and search, .mobile TV is quickly advancing and becoming more feasible, in part due to faster mobile processing and more robust connectivity services.

San Diego Web Design Studio's SEO for Video and Audio services can optimize your media for mobile viewing, as well as update the programming to Html5 and CSS3 open source delivery.

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For brick and mortar local businesses and stores, Google Mobile Optimization, can significantly increase visibility and query inclusion not only on Google Mobile, but on Yahoo Mobile, Bing Mobile, Foursquare, Gowalla, and other location based web properties.


Our Mobile search engine and social optimization services can help you keep pace Google Mobile Search growth, and the emphasis Google is now placing on Mobile web.

mobile web search example An example of how Google Mobile Search works: Imagine a potential customer is walking, driving, or sitting in a coffee shop. As they are out and about, they decide that they would like a good slice of pizza. They can pull out their cell phone, type or speak "pizza" into their phone, and Google Mobile will grab their location from their GPS and give them a list of results - the first results listed are pizza places nearby. From there, they can get contact information to order a pizza, driving directions if they need to find the place, or even reviews from people who have tried that pizzeria's food and written a review or rating.

sales of web enabled mobile devices has surpassed desktop sales


As Google continues to respond to increased demand for Mobile Services and Applications, the variety and extent of Android Apps grows at an accelerated pace. From Google Goggles, to Mobile Sync, and SMS Apps, San Diego Web Studio can deliver a custom, full-service Mobile Optimization plan for your business.

>We encourage local brick and mortar companies, restaurants, stores, and local services to take full advantage of this barely tapped market. Why not offer a mobile, keyword rich version of your website prior to market saturation. In fact, this emphasis on mobile search and location-based searching extends to the desktop as well, as Google now offers location based search options for desktop users.

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San Diego Web Studio has been building mobile optimized websites since 2007. We offer diverse and advanced products and services for mobile design and marketing. We have extensive back end programming capabilities that include C+ and custom scripting for mobile interaction and functionality.

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