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Project Management & Website Production Process

website design process in san diego, california

web design & development production flow

We're flexible...and so is your website's design process. No rigid rules or pressure to answer questions that feel awkward. Whether you prefer a casual or formal approach to your project, we'll make sure it runs smoothly. We apply a professional project management approach to developing custom websites.

Adherence to a formal web design process assures an intelligent and strategically engineered final product that meets your needs, budget, and goals. Most importantly, html5 finally eliminates the need for various DocType Definitions, and supports dynamic interactivity such as Canvas drawing and Presentation capabilities.

*pretty important project scope factors

1. NOI: New or Improved? starting a brand new website? or embarking on a redesign of an existing site? Basically, are we starting from scratch, or building on a foundation of learned experiences from pre-established branding, content, site visitor statistics and feedback, limitations, accomplishments, market research, and competitive intelligence info?

1a. WTV: What's the Variance? if applicable, on a website redesign, between what your current site contains, provides, and accomplishes vs. plans for new features, functionality, and objectives?

*project feasibility and timeline

WTB: What's the Budget for this project?

2. WTB: What's the Budget? and is there a variance between what you aspire and what your budget affords? If so, perhaps we can plan and build the project out in structured developement, cost, and launch phases...accordingly. Can we produce the end result in systematic and scheduled segments rather vs. launching the biggest picture in one fell swoop? Should we "chunk" project development phases and payments, accordingly?

2a. ASW: As Soon as When? as soon as possible? or as soon as resources permit? Web Design and Mobile App Development proposal costs are typically factored on time, demand, complexity, resources, industry variables, and current technologies...thus valid for 30 days from date of submission, unless otherwise noted. Not implying "kick your tires elsewhere", but some sense of urgency is recommended.

and if we don't [maintain simplicity], tell us! we'll get back to basics...

Keeping it simple. Clarifying web design project expectations. Setting realistic goals from the outset. Proper planning of project scope and development phases facilitates a smooth process and successful outcome. Basic questions to ask, or answers to provide us may include, but not be limited to, the following:

simple isn't always easy

website project planning factors


should your design begin and finish?
will you begin aggressively marketing your site?
will your website be updated or enhanced?
will payments be due?
will you launch your site?
will your design coordination steps occur?
will you be satisfied with the final product?


will be the decision maker for your website's design and direction?
will be providing content and material for the website?
will be point of contact between designer and client's organization?
will be responsible for maintaining and/or marketing your site post-launch?
is the target market audience? the ideal site visitor & prospective customer?
could use your product or services?
could your website network or affiliate with?
are your competitors and WHAT are they doing or not doing?

website objectives


does your website intend to accomplish, specifically?
domain name will you use?
is your budget for design, writing, marketing, maintenance?
keywords are your customers using on search engines?
branding and marketing message should it convey?
languages will your site visitors speak?
writing style will best suit your industry? clinical or colloquial?
color theme will be used?
font style and size?
navigation style will you use? open or layered?
is your "most wanted response" from site visitors? sale, call, form, post?
value and originality will you bring to the internet?
are your strongest selling points?
are your product or service features, advantages, and benefits?
functionality and automation can your site provide?
innovative opportunities exist online in your industry?
can you do better, fresher, more effective than competitors?
expectations do you have?

where will you host your website?
will you register your domain name?
will your site visitors search for you? google, yahoo?
do your competitors list their websites?
are your demographic and geographic regions?
will will you place contact forms & essential info?
do your competitors list their websites?

should your website look and feel?
many pages and topics should you include?
authoritative should your website be?
aggressively should you compete and market online?
much do your competitors spend on their websites?
much will you spend on pay per click?
much will you spend on organic marketing?
do you prefer to communicate w/designer? phone or email?
do you prefer site visitors contact you? phone or form?

why invest in your online presence?
choose one designer over another?
will customers choose you over competitors?

how much

is the cost per webpage and per project flat fee website design prices?

are the cost of hourly design and website service rates ?

will I save money with San Diego Web Design Studio as my website services provider?

what's the website production process?

what happens after we submit our initial down payment?

website design process in san diego, california

production steps a to z | client coordination steps 1 - 8

production steps a - n

  1. COMPLETE interview process in preceding section

  2. REVIEW aesthetic preferences, colors, layout, visual criteria

  3. RESEARCH your competition & industry

  4. IDENTIFY your keywords & demographic target market

  5. ACQUIRE graphics, logo & proprietary data from client

  6. SCHEDULE delivery date of content from client or copywriter

  7. DIAGRAM navigational structure in html5

  8. NAME pages & sections according to keywords

  9. ORGANIZE categories, subcategories & sections

  10. DEVELOP site layout around navigational structure

  11. INTEGRATE typography, color scheme, and graphics

  12. DEVELOP and upload rough mockup - design prototype

  13. ADJUST for cross browser compatibility

  14. ADAPT for various screen size resolutions

1. Client feedback & revisions to mockup

  1. IMPLEMENT changes per coordination step 1

  2. UPLOAD revised mockup to web server

Client feedback & revisions if applicable
Repeat Steps 1 & 2 until approved by Client
SIGNOFF design approval by Client to begin production
SUBMITTAL of content by Client or copywriter
  1. PRODUCE planned pages and build website

  2. CUSTOMIZE page title tags per keyword research & topics

  3. CREATE custom meta description & keyword tags

  4. FORMAT content on each page

  5. COMPOSE category headings with keywords

  6. OPTIMIZE content with internal hyper-linked keywords

  7. PROGRAM forms & interactive features

6. COMPLETE quality assurance prelaunch checklist

  1. APPLY final revisions to website

7. REMITTAL of final payment installment for design

  1. TEST and launch website on server

  2. POINT domain name & go live

8. COMMENCE website marketing & seo plan, if applicable

* Onpage seo features such as items lettered R thru V, above, are included in SEO website design projects. Some clients are not affected by SEO, but do need a web presence to service their customer base or landing pages, etc. Please ask if you have any questions needing clarification.

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html5: our standards...validated per w3c!

Client convenience, you choose: client or designer creative directive

We understand every client is different, therefore every project and process we undertake is unique. Our clients are always given the option to participate and direct their website projects as much or as little as they choose.

Once retained as your design firm, san diego web studio will employ best practices to ensure successful production of your custom web project.

We do! And we sure would like to give your site a makeover. Give us a call for improved performance. Put your site on the right track with html5 and css 3. Call 619.504.0450 for a professional site review.